Be Kind To That Which Pumps The Lifeblood Through Your Veins

being overweight is not heart healthy
Being Overweight Taxes The Heart

I think we all take our health for granted in America today. Statistics tell us that almost 70% of U.S. citizens are overweight, with over 30% being morbidly obese. Those numbers are astronomical, and tell a tale about the belief system we have today . . . or false belief system.

I believe why so many of us are heavy today is due to the belief that at some point in time, we will be able to lose the weight, and control our life back from all the fast food joints that haunt the American landscape today.

I am not sure when exactly this belief was formed, and on what basis; but if you have been fat all your life, putting tons of stress on your heart each and every day, where do you get the idea that you will just be able to hit the switch one day, and lose all the weight? How often do we see this occurring? Hardly ever.

What ends up happening more often then not, is that someone passes away at a relatively young age, due to cardiovascular disease, brought on by years of over-indulging in foods. Instead of heading down that route, I decided it made more sense to focus on that which makes us healthier – and not obsess on that which does nothing but hurt us.

So the Heart Healthy Blog was formed. We are going to dive down the rabbit hole of the heart, and find out the many wonders hidden in that extraordinary pump; and how we can strengthen it to last as long as humanly possible.  I look forward to getting your input.

Your Pearly whites Are Essential For Chewing Food Properly

When you think of wellness and fitness, you generally think about a person training at the health club and eating tossed salads, right? Well, an increasing number of science-based studies are telling us that health and wellness comes from within, and makes it’s escape to the physical world; and can be seen through recognition points like skin, look, hair, eye color, fingernails, breath, or even teeth.

Let’s talk about teeth. In fact, many people barely ever utilize their teeth, and finish up ingesting their meals virtually the same as it looked in it’s original strong state.

So if this occurs with individuals which do have their teeth, what are the implications for somebody that has missing teeth? Well, several research studies have shown that missing teeth brings about a much shorter life-span. Based upon just what I have currently covered, you can see how this could be the case. It only makes sense we start with the structure blocks of health in the human physical body if we are going to be concentrating on health.

Among the building blocks of health are the meals and water we drink. If the food could not be refined appropriately because of missing teeth, than it does not matter if you are consuming the cleanest meats and grains given – the physical body cannot remove what’s important from them. Among the fastest, and many trusted means to simulate actual teeth are dental implants.

When folks eat right, and take good care of their teeth, they do not lose them; or have them drop out. The only way that takes place is when you have a complete set of teeth, or even synthetic teeth, that do the same function.

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