Be Kind To That Which Pumps The Lifeblood Through Your Veins

being overweight is not heart healthy
Being Overweight Taxes The Heart

I think we all take our health for granted in America today. Statistics tell us that almost 70% of U.S. citizens are overweight, with over 30% being morbidly obese. Those numbers are astronomical, and tell a tale about the belief system we have today . . . or false belief system.

I believe why so many of us are heavy today is due to the belief that at some point in time, we will be able to lose the weight, and control our life back from all the fast food joints that haunt the American landscape today.

I am not sure when exactly this belief was formed, and on what basis; but if you have been fat all your life, putting tons of stress on your heart each and every day, where do you get the idea that you will just be able to hit the switch one day, and lose all the weight? How often do we see this occurring? Hardly ever.

What ends up happening more often then not, is that someone passes away at a relatively young age, due to cardiovascular disease, brought on by years of over-indulging in foods. Instead of heading down that route, I decided it made more sense to focus on that which makes us healthier – and not obsess on that which does nothing but hurt us.

So the Heart Healthy Blog was formed. We are going to dive down the rabbit hole of the heart, and find out the many wonders hidden in that extraordinary pump; and how we can strengthen it to last as long as humanly possible.  I look forward to getting your input.

Toxins Play A Role In The Health Of Your Heart

Time To Rethink Toxicity
Time To Rethink Toxicity

The air is polluted, our rivers and streams are polluted, and our food is filled with toxic substances – I think it’s pretty safe to say that our world is one giant hamper; and we’re living in it. It’s sad to admit, and ever scarier one you understand the ramifications this pollution will have on us as a species over the next few generations.

However, for those of us that live on planet earth today, we need to figure out a way to make sure we don’t get even sicker than we may already be. One way to make sure you avoid the Toxic Avenger walking up into your living room, is to do something Dr. Drew Sinatra, from talks about; and that’s utilizing Sauna Therapy.

In this article, he does a deep-dive on the toxicity we have in our body that may affect our heart, an dhow sauna therapy can help decrease the risks of having this toxicity in your body.

While you’re at it, check out some of the articles I have on this blog about the ramifications of oral health and heart disease. Some of that stuff may just open your eyes to the real deal that affects us all.

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Chewing Food Properly Helps Fuel Your Body

Chewing Food Properly
Chewing Food Properly Can Help Fuel Your Body

We do our best to come up with ways to make sure our heart is working at full capacity. One of the best ways to do that is by exercising your body on a regular basis. It seems that the legs are the best way to work the heart; due to the size of the muscles found within the legs.

This is why many personal trainers are manic about “cardio.” They want you to work your legs, so they in turn, work your heart. Interestingly enough, the way to get your body to work at it’s optimal level requires the right amount of nutrients flowing into your muscles at all times of the day. Unlike the myth many of us believe in, where you take a supplement to get more energy, the reality is that the energy is already in your body – you just have to unlock it.

The way to release that energy is through proper nutrition and exercise. However, proper nutrition consists of more than just supplementation, It requires that you take it back down to the fundamentals, and work on the most basic of tasks – chewing your food properly. What does chewing your food properly really mean? It means chewing on your food until it turns into a liquid form. Once your body automatically swallows your food, without you consciously making an effort to do so, then you know you are chewing your food properly.

A major problem can occur if you do not have all your teeth in place to chew your food. Once a tooth is missing, the teeth in the vicinity of the missing tooth, begin to shift. Once that begins, then all the teeth on that gum line start playing musical chairs. If you do not take of this issue during the early part of this shifting process, it can cost a lot of money to fix with cosmetic dental surgery.

In order to avoid that, you want to replace any missing teeth as fast as possible. Once your teeth are in place, and you are able to chew, then it’s time to start all the right foods, taking all the right supplements, and working out as hard as you can. When you put all those factors into play, your energy will explode from your bottom . . . or at least that’s what they tell me anyway. :)

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Does Oral Health Really Affect The Heart?

heart healthiness
The Link Between Oral Health & Heart Disease

The connection between oral health and heart disease is pretty much non-existent, but just because scientists haven’t been able to make a sound determination, does not mean that are not linked. I’m pretty sure they don’t, but when it comes to the body, one thing seems to affect everything else. There is no such thing as an isolated incident in the body.

There has been this myth floating around for many years now, and I call it a myth because I’ve had some people say it’s true, while scientific documentation has said the exact opposite, but even still, I’ve made it a habit to stay on top of oral health as much as possible.

I was diagnosed with “high blood pressure” last year, and my father died from heart disease earlier in the year, with other members of my family dying from other heart related issues – to say it’s not genetic is to b moron, But like the doctor told me, “Just because it’s genetic does not mean it has to be your reality.” So knowing that, I’ve made a concentrated effort to make sure I get rid of all the elements that will contribute to having heart diseases. I shed about 50 pounds, started exercising regularly, started eating a helluva lot better, and reduced my stress – what else could I do?

Well, it seems I can add oral healthcare to that list as well. “Hey Mac, you just posted a link to a study that says there is no link between the two, so why are you so hopped up about it?” Because I just don’t want to take any chances – and what’s the worst that can happen if I decide to go the extra mile? My teeth are clean, and breath smells good? I think I’ll take that as a positive side effect.

As you can see from the video above, some doctors have their own take on the data, and I’d rather be on the safe side, than on the sick side, just because i was too lazy to floss several times a day, or take the time to brush regularly.

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Taking Care Of Your Heart Does Not Have To Be A Chore

One of the issues I run into all the time when I’m out with my friends is the, “Oh hey Mac, we should probably order from the diet side of the menu right? We need to make sure you’re eating all the right foods, you know . . .”

I get that more than you can imagine. Being relatively young, but having had issues with my heart already at my young age, I can understand my friends being so over-protective. At the same time, having heart disease does not mean I have a death sentence either. It just means my body is currently in a state of “dis-ease.” Disease does not have a be a permanent thing in your life – unless of course you make all the wrong decisions, and cause that disease to turn into something that will never go away.

I take my blood pressure pills, and follow my doctor’s orders. I also take my own body’s advice as well. And I think that’s a huge distinction lost on most people with heart issues. If I wake up in the morning and I feel good, then I take full advantage of the day. I go exercise, bike ride, have marathon sex sessions, and do as much as I can before I’m wiped out. On days where I have no energy whatsoever, I do not push myself to get to the gym. Now here’s the thing – you have to know when one is real, and the other is just you being lazy. if you are in tune with your body, which is what getting “sick” caused me to do, then you know when to push it, or when to ease back.

Well, the other night I had someone come over, and she wanted to eat something sweet. the thing is I don’t keep any crap in my home anymore. Where there used to be hostess treats lying around, now you will find apples and bananas. She didn’t want fruit – she wanted pie. She was trying to get me to walk with her to the diner to get some pie. Now I know myself. If I go out there. I’m going to get her a slice, and eat the rest of the pie myself.

Instead, we went to the supermarket, I picked up some “fixin’s,” and I made a vegan cherry pie to die for. How did I do this? Due, I’m a master chef. Who you think you’re messin’ around with here? Actually I got the recipe from “What Would Cathy Eat?” I had the recipe in my bin as something I needed to get around to doing one day, and lo and behold, the day arrived. It was such a hit I got some extra dessert at the end of the night if you know what I mean.

Your heart is your primary organ, followed closely by your brain. Of course without the brain, having your heart beat and keep you alive in a vegetative state is not much to live for. I get that; but without the heart, the brain doesn’t have a shot at working at all. So the key is to make sure you don’t screw up either one while you’re here. I believe when you die, it should be because of something other than disease that affects your heart or your brain. If you can do that, I think you did the best you could to make the most of your life here on earth.

If you think about ho much work you need to do to maintain a healthy heart, and a sharp mind, then reaching the end and dying of something totally unrelated is freakin’ win! Seriously though, eating, and living your life , does not have to be a boring task. Life is meant to be enjoyed – even during the times you need to get yourself past being sick. Live life to the fullest, and push your body when it feels good. This includes when you’re hanging out as well – just make sure you are smart about it.

The Heart And Mouth Health Connection

big red heart
Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart

Apparently oral health, and heart disease, are linked. Now, no authority has come out and said this absolute fact, because as much as we like to believe our doctors know everything about the body – the truth is they don’t. Doctors do their best, but they get it wrong almost as many times as they get it right. With that being said, I’d rather have my heart in the hands of a heart doctor, instead of a nutritionist, if I was in the middle of a heart attack. However studies show that people with advanced gum disease are more likely to have heart disease than someone with excellent oral health.

Gum disease affects most of the U.S. population, which if you think  about it, is pretty gross. The reason there is a link between heart, and mouth, is because the risk factors for heart disease, like tobacco use, poor nutrition, and diabetes, are also the same for gum disease.

If you notice you have tender, swollen, or red gums, if you notice your gums bleed when you floss or brush, or if you suffer from chronic bad breath, then there is a very good chance you are suffering from gum disease. Now how about this for weird – when gum disease is treated properly, there is research to back up the decrease in high blood pressure patients.

Are researchers connecting the dots where there aren’t any? Maybe, but it’s a safer bet just to make sure that you are handling all facets of your health, including oral health. Inflammation, caused by gum disease, can trigger clot formations – which affects the heart. Bacteria that gets dislodged from teeth within infected gums, can also affect the heart.

There are too may variables in place to allow your health, in any area, to unravel. The body is an interdependent whole. When one thing is affected, you better believe that it is going to affect something else.

Here’s another thing to consider, missing teeth, left unchecked, can lead to problems as well. Teeth were meant to be a part of your mouth – up until death. When a tooth is missing, all the other teeth on that gum line will be affected.  They will start to shift. When they do, this dislodging can also affect you heart, if there is bacteria in your gums.

One way to deal with missing teeth, or an infected tooth, is with a dental implant. I have not had personal experience with this issue (thank God) but I do know people who have dealt with this, and it’s better to deal with it, then make believe it doesn’t exist.

One of the groups that handle this wonderfully are the Tooth Implant Pros. My uncle had implants installed out in Ridgewood, the borderline between Brooklyn and Queens, and his health has improved, due to his ability to chew properly again.

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After Being Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure

Working Your Heart Well

I remember hearing the doctor telling me those words as he came in with my chart, “You have high blood pressure Mr. Cameron. We’re going to have to put you on medication immediately.”

I was shell-hocked to say the least. How could I have high-blood pressure? I mean sure I’m overweight; and yeah, sure i don’t exercise as much as I probably should, but c’mon – high-blood pressure?!!

Then I started thinking about it. I’ve been more focused on living “the good life,” then I have making sure my health is “good.” Ok, maybe that last sentence doesn’t make sense, but I hope you can feel the frustration through these type-written words.

Heart disease, and high-blood pressure, is for fat people, and old people, and sick people – any everybody else but me!! Then I started really thinking about it – that’s pretty much me!

I am fat. I have to recognize that if I’m being honest. I am currently a very fat guy. I am not old in the sense of being decrepit, but I am in the second half of my life now – and time is going by a lot faster at this point than it was when I really was younger.

And yes, I am sick. I have high-blood pressure; for which medication is now required. I have all these traits and I placed them all on myself. The only one who did this to me ( age we must all deal with) was me.

As I started down this path of thinking I became instantly happy, and felt so much better than I had when all I was doing was asking “why,” questions.

I feel better because I know I have a hand in making sure this can be reversed (Again everything else but the aging). I started looking at diets, and realized many of them aren’t going to work for me because they are mostly set up to get you a result over the short-term. I need something I can do every single day and do so, without having to obsess over what I’m eating day in, and day out.

So with that I just decided to follow my own version of Intermittent Fasting. The real way is to eat ONLY through a set number of hours in your day. Most people choose 11 am to 7 pm; while others like 12 – 8.

I decided to follow the beat of my own drum, and do the 11-7, but I break my fast as soon as I get up up in the morning, by having a protein shake. I learned this little rule from Tim Ferris, with his discovery that 30 grams of protein first thing in the morning, helps you lose weight.

IF states you are not to eat anything until your window opens up – I say, “screw that!” so I’m having my protein in the morning, first thing. Then I decided to perform the minimum effective dose, something Ferris also talks about by doing Kettle Bell swings for 3 rounds, three times a week.

A round is equal to three minutes; so you’re really doing about 12 minutes of intense exercise, three times a week. I’m also working on my aerobic capacity by walking at least one hour every day – and that’s it.

Well, I’m also going to work on counting my calories with My Fitness Pal, which is an awesome calorie counting app.

See, i decided to become proactive about my health after I gave myself permission piss, moan, and cry about how bad the situation was.  If you’re dealing with heart issues, I suggest you do the same. Let it all out in one fell swoop, and then decide to get to work.

I’ll let you know about my results, take care.

Your Pearly whites Are Essential For Chewing Food Properly

When you think of wellness and fitness, you generally think about a person training at the health club and eating tossed salads, right? Well, an increasing number of science-based studies are telling us that health and wellness comes from within, and makes it’s escape to the physical world; and can be seen through recognition points like skin, look, hair, eye color, fingernails, breath, or even teeth.

Let’s talk about teeth. In fact, many people barely ever utilize their teeth, and finish up ingesting their meals virtually the same as it looked in it’s original strong state.

So if this occurs with individuals which do have their teeth, what are the implications for somebody that has missing teeth? Well, several research studies have shown that missing teeth brings about a much shorter life-span. Based upon just what I have currently covered, you can see how this could be the case. It only makes sense we start with the structure blocks of health in the human physical body if we are going to be concentrating on health.

Among the building blocks of health are the meals and water we drink. If the food could not be refined appropriately because of missing teeth, than it does not matter if you are consuming the cleanest meats and grains given – the physical body cannot remove what’s important from them. Among the fastest, and many trusted means to simulate actual teeth are dental implants.

When folks eat right, and take good care of their teeth, they do not lose them; or have them drop out. The only way that takes place is when you have a complete set of teeth, or even synthetic teeth, that do the same function.

You could choose to go to the Tooth Implant Pros if you are in necessity of fixing your dental health and wellness issues. This is a network of aesthetic dentists, from various areas of cosmetic dentistry, with one purpose – recreate a complete, functional collection of teeth that provide their patient with a lovely smile. Presently, they are readily available in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens in New York City. For dentists that do dental implants in Queens, or Brooklyn, see the Tooth Implant Pros, and restore your oral wellness – the most vital part of the meals digestion procedure.